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What is Snapcrafters?

The “Snapcrafters” are a group of community contributors working to get snaps published by upstream projects, with install instructions on the project homepage and the snapcraft.yaml in the project code repository. Snapcrafters collaborate via GitHub.

Why Snapcrafters?

Some projects are keen to have a snap of their software in the store but don’t currently have enough time to work on it. In some cases long standing projects are used to the community packaging their software.

The snap advocacy team have also been getting questions from community members asking the best way they can help get software snapped. The Snapcrafters team exists to help upstream projects and provide a way for community contributors to get involved.

Snapcrafters can help bootstrap snaps for projects requesting patches or get projects who haven’t heard of snapcraft excited about it. Publishing snaps in the store can help promote projects and ensure the newest versions are always available for all Linux users.

In addition we get to exercise some of the infrastructure behind snaps. Each snap repository in the Snapcrafters GitHub is connected to the build service meaning new commits to the snaps will automatically land in the edge channel of the store. Snapcrafters can work collaboratively and land every commit as a new snap revision.

The snaps in the Snapcrafters GitHub also serve as reference.

How do I join Snapcrafters?

Fork the Snapcrafters template repository to your own GitHub account and complete the tick boxes in When you’ve got a snap you’d like adding the Snapcrafters just post a request in this forum and tag @evan @popey and @Wimpress (the Snap Advocacy team) and we’ll assist.

If you have any questions, post in this forum.


Love this so much! Great to have a centralised way for co-ordinating all this and hacking on various snapcraft.yamls as well as more of a proper Snapcrafters team! Hope this goes far! :smiley:


Is it possible for Snapcrafters to make snaps for non-free software or it needs to be FOSS?

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You can make snaps of non-free software. See here for an example from the legend that is Martin Wimpress!


Just to note, as someone responsible for an official snap package of a project (the LDC D compiler): it’s sometimes still useful, even where official packages are concerned, to define them as “external” snaps.

The reason is that this separates versioning of the snap package from versioning of the upstream project. For example, LDC can be built against various LLVM backend versions: having the snap external to the main project makes it easier to update this packaging choice without needing to tag point releases of the upstream compiler.

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@AsciiWolf Yes, non-free snaps are perfectly fine just as @Ads20000 says :slight_smile:

@joseph.wakeling That is useful feedback and something we can craft some words for I think. Thanks.

I’d like to become the maintainer of the Mattermost snap. It doesn’t seem like it has a maintainer currently, I have a pull request pending for 7 days.

@evan @popey and @Wimpress

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I have created snap for facebook-cli here.
@evan @popey

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Hi @m4sk1n,

We can import that into and transfer the snap name over to the “snapcrafters” account with your approval.

Do note that I cannot get a working snap build from your yaml:

Super excited to join the community of Snapcrafters!

I have created a snap here
@evan @Wimpress

Your snap appears to have no content. You have not customized the snapcraft.yaml to actually build anything, so there would be no benefit to our importing it into the snapcrafters organization yet. Once you have a working snap published into the store and have uploaded the working snapcraft.yaml into your repository we can look at it again.

There is also no snap in the store called guessit in the stable channel yet. Have you published it in a different channel or under a different name?

i have redone it
I have created a snap here
@evan @Wimpress

Can you help me to make snap for Odrive ?
link :



the brackets snap seems to be out of date :slight_smile:
Any chance you can update it?

Best regards and thanks in advance


I’ve snapped latest Eclipse here:
@evan @popey and @Wimpress please have a look.



That’s awesome! Thank you so much! Works well here on Ubuntu 18.04. Would you like me to import it into the snapcrafters repo so the community can maintain it there?

Yes, please import it to snapcrafters and register the name in the store.


Done. I’ll post a request for classic confinement shortly too.