Ownership of graylog snap


The owner of the graylog snap is no longer maintaining it, so ownership needs to be changed. Its probably one for ~snapcrafters, or maybe ~canonical.

See Join Snapcrafters for snapcrafters process, and Snaps officially supported by Canonical for Canonical ownership.

Ta. Looks like ~canonical is officially supported, which I don’t think we can commit to. And ~snapcrafters is all github based, and this is all currently tied to Launchpad. axino has volunteered to own it, and one of the ~graylog-charmers team who put the snap together for use by the graylog charm.

To be clear snapcrafters isn’t always github based but we’ve preferred it, so it’s easy for community people to contribute. Also, snapcrafters isn’t really an “officially supported by Canonical” location. It’s more for snaps we’d rather were upstream but for whatever reason they’ve not taken them.

I don’t know if upstream has been contacted; we have been focused on the Graylog Juju charm and snaps were the best way to handle the packaging and updates (and our team has no objection to handing things to upstream if they want it, or snapcrafters if appropriate for wider community contributions)

I confirmed with axino out of band that he is willing to maintain the snap, and completed the transfer accordingly. Again as per Claim ownership of the mojo snap the previous owner’s email was bouncing, but this was developed internally at Canonical and the recipient is a collaborator on the snap in question.

Hello ! Could ownership of this charm be moved to jeremy.lounder@canonical.com please ? He’s already a collaborator, and has agreed to take ownership.

Thanks !

Sure thing, happy to help. Done!

  • Daniel