Unofficial Snap Packaging for Tidy: HTML parser and pretty printer. The grand daddy of HTML tools

After days of development and testing, I am thrilled to announce that the unofficial packaging work of Tidy has finally reached its end.

Tidy, or HTML Tidy, is an HTML parser, validator and pretty printer developed by Dave Raggett et. al., it can validate HTML/XML documents and beautify it with fine-grained customization options.

The main motivation of packaging Tidy as a snap is that the version shipped in Ubuntu 16.04 is a very old legacy version dated in late 2009, the application has been greatly improved since then and even uses a different version scheme and SCM system. This snap provides the latest official and development(next) release of the tidy command-line utility in the stable and beta channels.

We are now in the process of contributing this work back to the upstream, stay tuned for more updates!

How to Install

# Install Snap #
sudo snap install tidy

# Connect the Snap to Optional Interfaces #
## removable-media: For accessing files under `/media/*` and `/run/media/*`
sudo snap connect tidy:removable-media

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Thank you for working on this! :smile:

Why have you added the -brlin suffix to this snap? It is really isn’t necessary and complicates the process of upstreaming in the future. We’ve discussed this in the past, please unpublish this snap and register tidy instead :+1:

Because the upstream preferred name is reserved so I have to get an alternative in order to continuing the Snapcrafters Template tasks. The upstream preferred name is already requested and I originally planned to obsolete the postfixed snap name once I got the preferred name (by printing a simple message notifying the old snap’s user to remove old snap and install the new one from the launcher).

I’ve approved your request for “tidy”. So I’d recommend moving to the tidy name rather than the namespaced one.


Thanks, I have now obsoleted the old name snap and update all the references to the new one.

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The upstream is currently planning on a new release:

it would be great if the snap inclusion can fit into it :slight_smile:

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Some communication with the upstream is being held in the pull request, any inputs are welcomed: