The (UNOFFICIAL) nano Text Editor

Screenshot of the Snapped Application

After days of development and testing, I am thrilled to announce that the unofficial packaging work of the GNU nano Text Editor has finally reached its release point.

GNU nano is a small, friendly text editor inspired by Pico developed by Chris Allegretta et. al., it is a ncurses-based editor that features a GUI-like interface with feature toggles and a file browser, support for interactive search and replace (with regular expression), syntax highlighting with automatic file type detection, full internationalization, and more.

The main motivation of snapping GNU nano is that I’m a major fan of it and that it has a relatively fast release schedule(Ubuntu 16.04 ships 2.5.3, while it is already 3.2 now). This snap features proper I18N and file auto-detection support, and a workaround to work with your personal nanorc file.

I have contacted the upstream and acknowledged that they are currently unwilling to maintain the snap, we are currently working closely to make this snap as fresh and original as it can be. Enjoy!

How to Install

(Don’t have snapd installed?)

In a Terminal

Install the Snap Package

sudo snap install nano

Connect the Snap to Optional Interfaces

For editing files under /media, /run/media, and /mnt
sudo snap connect nano:removable-media

The Graphical Way

Get it from the Snap Store

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I would change the description/name to “The nano Text Editor (UNOFFICIAL)”. This will be more clear IMO. Currently it may be mistaken as fork of the origin.

In fact the current name is the result of the upstream’s request.

I already knew about this but I think this may be some misunderstanding.

I didn’t saw any distro adding (UNOFFICIAL) tag (nor any other tag) to their package name/description and those aren’t maintained by official nano developers. Packaging snap is no different than packaging for specific distro and shouldn’t be treated as inferior one.

The publisher name and their verified status tells us who distribute the snap package. Hijacking the name/description is unnecessary and may confusing for users thus I recommend to drop (UNOFFICIAL) tag from it.

If you have any doubts then please ask upstream why everyone else but snap is allowed to use official name.

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