Do "snapcrafters" work at "snapcraft"?

Words like “Google” and “Googler” are popular among non techy people. Non techy people are not worried about sharing data almost always.

According to this
Googler = works at Google = works at or something like this

So a non techy person (who is also addicted to Instagram) can think
Snapcrafter = Works at Snapcraft = Works at (maybe as admin) = Works at Canonical???

According to this, it is not confirmed that “snapcrafters” work at “snapcraft” or Canonical.

So snaps like this should use something like “by others” instead of “by Snapcrafters”

Because installing a verified snap, installing a packaged-as-snap-by-Canonical, not verified snap & installing a maintained-by-3rd-party snap are 3 different things.
Trusting the real author, trusting Canonical & trusting unknown 3rd party are 3 different things.

I am not sure if it needs to be taken seriously, so I am posting it in others category.


This is the second time in as many days that I’ve seen some comments that the storefront isn’t clear about what “by name” means to a casual observer.

Internally, that is the Publisher of the snap. That is, the person / organisation responsible for pushing that snap into the store. It’s not necessarily the developer, author or maintainer of the software (or any other synonym for ‘upstream developer’). It’s merely the person / group who press the buttons to make the snap appear in the store.

This is causing some lack of clarity among users / passers-by and indeed, upstreams, who see “their” software “by (name)” where “name” isn’t them.

@pheurton @evan can we please re-visit the presentation of ‘publisher’ with a focus on how this field is interpreted by people outside our bubble.

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@popey it’s being addressed: