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After a day of development and testing, I am thrilled to announce that the unofficial packaging work of the XMLStarlet Command Line XML Toolkit has finally reached the release point.


XMLStarlet Command Line XML Toolkit is a set of command line utilities (tools) which can be used to transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents developed by Mikhail Grushinskiy et. al., it can be used to, for example, removing unwanted XML nodes from an SVG image, and many other use cases.

The main motivation of snapping XMLStarlet Command Line XML Toolkit is that I’ve been using it in several of my development tools such as Clean Filter for SVG and Clean Filter for XML. It is also a handy target for practicing build-snaps, which is a special variant of snaps that provides necessary development files for building snaps. This snap currently ships xml(2.9.3) and xslt(1.1.28) libraries from Ubuntu 16.04, but may switch to a newer upstream release in the future.

We are currently contacting the upstream for the possibility of transferring the work to them, however, a problem is that they host the code at SourceForge but not GitHub, the mirror feature on Launchpad may be helpful in this case.

How to install

In a terminal

# Install the snap package #
sudo snap install xmlstarlet

# Connect the snap to optional security confinement interfaces #
## For accessing files under `/mnt` or `/media` ##
sudo snap connect xmlstarlet:removable-media

# Launch the application #
xmlstarlet --help

## If you have another existing XMLStarlet installation ##
snap run xmlstarlet --help

xmlstarlet.xml --help

## After running `sudo snap alias xmlstarlet.xml xml` to create a command alias ##
xml --help

The graphical way

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