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Ok, this is now in the stable channel! Thanks again @thymythos


Thanks @popey for you support. Should I update the repo with pull requests, or would you rather give me some access rights?


@thymythos pull requests would be great please!


Hey everyone. I started packing podman into snap. Things are moving slowly, and I’d like to transfer to as a more appropriate place to collaborate and gain more exposure. Is that okay?

Running snapcraft with podman

I reckon you probably need to do the other steps before transferring it to the snapcrafters GitHub org, I haven’t asked for any of ‘my snaps’ to be transferred to the org, despite me being a member of the org, because none of my snaps work!

I think the org is more for making completed community-built snaps a little more official, promoting them, maintaining them, and getting everyone on board with trying to get upstream to publish them themselves.