The (no longer unofficial) snap packaging for gallery-dl

After a few days of development and testing, I am thrilled to announce that the unofficial packaging work of gallery-dl has finally reached a new milestone.

gallery-dl is a command-line program to download image-galleries and -collections from several image hosting sites developed by Mike Fährmann et. al., it can download from a broad range of supported sites including but not limited to Imgur, Pixiv and many, many others.

The main motivation of snapping gallery-dl is that I want to use it, but it is currently not available in the Debian software archive and requires installing from PyPI which may contaminate the python environment in my system. This snap supports most (if not all) features of gallery-dl including but not limited to the automatic conversion of Pixiv Ugoira clips to WebM and OAuth authentication to supporting sites.

We are now getting in touch with the upstream to transfer the snap into their control, stay tuned for more updates!

How to Install

(Don’t have snapd installed?)

In a Terminal

# Install the snap #
sudo snap install gallery-dl

# Connect the snap to optional security confinement interfaces #
## For downloading the files to `/media` and `/mnt` ##
sudo snap connect gallery-dl:removable-media

# Launch the application #
snap run gallery-dl # If you have another existing gallery-dl installation

The Graphical Way

Get it from the Snap Store

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thanks, works great. :slight_smile:

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