Snap Dump: An experiment of maintaining snaps, together, as an organization

NOTE: This topic is currently a draft, it’s content and presentation may change without prior notice.


A place for interested snap packagers to host and maintain their snaps, together, with low adoption criteria of completing most of the tasks in the Snapcrafters Template / Snapcrafters Template Plus.


This organization is not affiliated, nor endorsed by the Snapcrafters organization and/or Canonical, Ltd..

Adoption criteria

Completing most of the tasks in the Snapcrafters Template(or Plus), in addition to the following which will be strictly enforced:

  • An attempt to contribute the snap to the upstream
  • A call for testing topic in the snapcraft forum
  • A release announcement topic in the snapcraft forum
  • The snap must be at least launchable, most major features functional, and all known issues filed in its issue tracker
  • The snap must not be infringing any of the common laws and ToSes.
  • The snap’s recipe and all additional assets in the source form must be available to the general public(e.g. Cannot ship mysterious binaries aside from the upstream software).

The Snap Dump admins have the final say of whether to adopt the snap or not.

Adoption process

  1. The requester post a snap transfer request post in the store store topic category of the snapcraft forum.
  2. The Snap Dump admins reviews and acknowledges the transfer.
  3. After the snap transfer is done by the store staff the Snap Dump admins fork the source repository from the requester to the organization account and set up snap building and publishing from it.
  4. The Snap Dump admins add the requester as the Snap Dump organization’s member. The requester may choose to withdraw the membership at any time.

Who has the repo write access?

All individuals that have successfully made their snaps adopted by this organization will become a member of the organization and gain write access to all of the organization owned snaps.

Who has the snap collaboration access?

The sharing of the collaboration access of the snaps owned by the organization is depending on the collaboration implementation of Canonical, Ltd. and is yet to be decided.

Where is it?


Snap Dump Admins

The people who have the administrative access to the Snap Dump organization, currently:

Send @Lin-Buo-Ren a private message if you’re interested in become an admin.