GNU Hello (again, for snapcrafters)

After weeks of development and testing, I am thrilled to announce that the unofficial packaging work of the GNU Hello has finally reached its end.

GNU Hello is a program that produces a familiar, friendly greeting developed by Mike Haertel et. al., it is served as a model for GNU coding standards and GNU maintainer practices.

The main motivation of snapping GNU Hello regardless of the existence of the hello snap is that it has broken I18N support(no localized message in other locales), and the corresponding source isn’t open for contribution AFAICT. It is based on the create your first snap Ubuntu tutorial, with the following additional contents:

  • A fix for the broken I18N, implemented by tweaking the resource data path during the software configure phase and a launcher for generating the required data at runtime when it isn’t available in the snap
  • An example of customizing software via the configflags key
  • An example of changing the snapcraft step behavior using Scriptlets
  • An example of build-packages and stage-packages key

The intended upstream of the snap is the Snapcrafters organization, to be served as a minimal example of snapping an application.

How to Use

# Install the snap package #
sudo snap install hello-snapcrafters

# Run the application #

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