Should i join snapcrafters?

Hi every one and @evan @popey and @Wimpress in particular.

I am learning how to snap apps and for that I snaped Zork, the version (last commit 6 years ago). I made it for the nostalgia, my love to Zork and because there is no zork snap in the store.

After a lot of effort (a LOT!) because the old Makefile has folders hardcoded in it I finally made my snap.

I registered the name zork-almejo and later zork (becouse the original company, Infocom, is no longer alive). But then I found this page

What should I do? Can I use the name Zork? Is prohibited to use snap- in the name? Should I join snapcrafters?

Thanks to all

  1. Yes, if you can register it, then you can use it
  2. No, you can use zork if it isn’t already taken or reserved
  3. It is not necessary.
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Thanks. I’ll go with zork. And maybe I’ ll join in the future to learn more

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