Verified Accounts

We wanted a way to demonstrate that a snap is being published and maintained by a trusted entity in the Snap Store. Verified Accounts have been created for this purpose. We grant Verified Account status to institutions, foundations or companies that have worked, collaborated or partnered with us, that prove to us that their snaps are maintained, genuine and of high quality. These publishers can apply to have Verified Account status and get a

by their name in the Snap Store. You’ll be able to see the green tick icon on all the snaps of that Verified Publisher, showing that the snaps are of high quality, coming from a dependable author. This policy explains what you need to do if you’d like to apply to be a Verified Publisher.

  1. Start a new post in the forum, using the policy-requests category. In the post, state that you’d like to be a Verified Publisher with the following information:
  • A list of the snaps that you have, that should have a verified publisher associated with them.
  • The institution, foundation or company that you are a member of or work for.
  • Your role within that institution, foundation or company.
  • The group email address that should be tied to the Verified Account.
  • The way in which your institution has worked, collaborated or partnered with us. If your institution, foundation or company hasn’t so far, let’s start a conversation.
  1. Members of the @policy-reviewers group will review and add any comments they have. If there are any questions from the reviewers, they will start a discussion on the post.
  2. If at least 2 members of the @policy-reviewers group review, leave their feedback and approve, then the account will become Verified. You will be a trusted publisher in the Store.
  3. The snaps published by a Verified Account will be reviewed periodically to ensure that snaps are still being maintained. If there is any behaviour in the forum that is negative, inappropriate or not supportive of others, then we will open a discussion and may revoke the status.

Some key points to highlight:

  • Verified Publisher status is for snap authors that have worked, collaborated or partnered with us as part of an institution, foundation or company. If you are an individual publisher that has maintained a number of snaps or been active in the community, you can apply to be a Star Developer here.
  • The email address tied to a Verified Account must be a group - i.e. an email address that could be accessed by multiple developers responsible for the snap. This is to ensure that if an individual leaves that company, the snap can still be accessed and maintained by others in the organisation
  • By being a Verified Publisher, you accept the responsibility and additional trust placed in you by others. You agree to deliver high-quality snaps and keep them updated and maintained.