'Canonical Data Platform' as Verified Publisher

I would like to request for a verified account called ‘Canonical Data Platform’. Based on this post , here are the details needed for this request:

  1. Start a new post in the forum, using the policy-requests category. In the post, state that you’d like to be a Verified Publisher with the following information:

A list of the snaps that you have, that should have a verified publisher associated with them:

  1. The institution, foundation or company that you are a member of or work for.

Canonical Data Platform

  1. Your role within that institution, foundation or company.

Michelle Anne Tabirao / Data Solutions Product Manager @ Canonical Alex Lutay / Engineering Manager @ Canonical Mykola Marzhan / Engineering Director @ Canonical

  1. The group email address that should be tied to the Verified Account.


  1. The way in which your institution has worked, collaborated or partnered with us. If your institution, foundation or company hasn’t so far, let’s start a conversation.

Internal at Canonical

Why not just publish these under the existing Canonical account?

We do not have credentials to Canonical account.

AFAIK it is not possible to grant us (safely) access to Canonical (to be used on GitHub CI/CD) without risks of compromising other already published snaps under Canonical.

P.S. I am happy to learn if I am wrong and kind off “Teams/Subgroups” supported on Snap store! Tnx!

You do not need credentials for your snap to be owned by the Canonical account in the snap store, you just make sure that your team members are collaborators … that way the snap will be published under the Canonical user but you still have full management capabilities via the collaboration …

If you are only talking about the github team, this is handled differently, not via snapcraft.io (i guess for that bit you will need to file an RT to have your project code moved)

Creating a new “Canonical data platform” account vs simply using the “Canonical” account everyone else uses, comes with extra costs and maintenance …

Thank you for the details!

At the moment SNAPs owner is account “Canonical Data Platform” https://snapcraft.io/publisher/dataplatformbot. His credentials are exported to GitHub actions to publish new snap builds.

After moving the owner to “Canonical”, will “Canonical Data Platform” became a collaborator and continue using his exported auth/token on GitHub?


You should be able to make the dataplatform account a collaborator via the store UI, yes … you will need to have access to the email of that account though, since you will need to confirm the collaboration request mail …

For some snaps I saw collaborators with Via=“Automated by ownership transfer”. I suspect “Canonical Data Platform” will be automatically assigned on ownership transfer to “Canonical”.

Let’s wait Michelle here (on vacation) and request ownership transfer to “Canonical [Verified]” if PM are OK.


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Hi All, this is to confirm that Data Platform snap artifacts will be published by [verified] Canonical. We will gradually move the applications.

@taurus will be our main SPOC

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