Transfer Data Platform snaps to Canonical


PM and Sales team are willing to see [verified] “Canonical” publisher for all Data Platform SNAPs. See more details here.

Currently they all belong to [non-verified] “Canonical Data Platform” publisher.

It is a request to transfer ownership from “Canonical Data Platform” to “Canonical” publisher. IMPORTANT: we must keep “Canonical Data Platform” publisher as Collaborator for all those SNAPs!

SNAPs part 1:


Please transfer publisher for snaps above and give us a time to validate CI/CD and continue with the part 2:


Thank you!

CC: @mtabirao

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As a general rule, snaps owned by the canonical publisher account should have revisions in stable and have proper maintenance.

Looks like both snaps in “part 1” do not have stable releases. Could this be re-requested once we have stable releases for the snaps?

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Dear @tshinn, thank you! We will polish SQL related snap and return.

Meanwhile can we reorder the list and put as a phase 1 NoSQL snap:


@mtabirao JFYI, we can also include opensearch into phase 1, if you can release 2/stable snap there.

@taurus will get back to you asap

cc @medib @mykola

Hi @tshinn I wanted to re open this discussion.

I would like to clarify from your team.

Once we move the Publisher to “Canonical ” these snaps, can we ensure that we maintain the permission to all the team members of this group Data Platform?

Cc: @taurus @medib

Yes, Data team will continue having access there as canonical-data-platform-bot, you, me, Raul, Mykola are Collaborators for Install Charmed OpenSearch on Linux | Snap Store. It is safe to move ownership, but @medib have to sign/request it here, as a current author (AFAIK).

I’m more than happy for the snaps that I owned for them to be moved under the Data Platform group.


Hi there,

I approve for the OpenSearch snap to be moved under the canonical namespace, and granting us (data-platform) full access to the management of the charm.

Thank you!

transfer ownership from “Canonical Data Platform” to “Canonical” publisher to these 2 stable snaps

Collaborators for the snaps will be the team in Canonical Data Platform which will be given full access

cc: @medib @taurus

Hi @mtabirao,

The ownership of the OpenSearch snap has successfully been transferred to the Canonical account.

Regarding the mongodb package, and just to be on the safe side, you’ve linked the mongodb charm not snap. Is this your intention? Do you want to have this charm transferred to Canonical?



Hi @odysseus-k here is the link of MongoDB Snap MongoDB

Link of charmhub in the previous discussion was a mistake. Updated it as well


This is now done too.