Verified Account for Simply Fortran's Publisher

Hello, I’d like to request verification for Approximatrix, the publishers of Simply Fortran. We recently returned to the Snap Store after a hiatus. Here’s the details:

A list of the snaps that you have, that should have a verified publisher associated with them.

Just Simply Fortran.

The institution, foundation or company that you are a member of or work for.


Your role within that institution, foundation or company.

I’m the owner and primary developer

The group email address that should be tied to the Verified Account.

The way in which your institution has worked, collaborated or partnered with us. If your institution, foundation or company hasn’t so far, let’s start a conversation.

We published our original snap years ago after asking for some changes to support executing code compiled from a snap to allow compilers to be present in confined snaps. We were also featured in a Canonical blog post years ago.

We left the Snap store about four years ago due to some build issues and the lack of a verified account. A Canonical employee helped resolve some build issues and said we would receive a verified mark, but that person is no longer with Canonical, possibly leaving before our conversation fully played out, unfortunately.

I am the upstream developer of this software, though, and I would appreciate the verified mark. Regardless of the team’s decision, we’ll start keeping Simply Fortran up-to-date in the store.

I’ll just bump this once. Is this a non-starter? Just looking for clarification.

I’ll bump this again. Any possibility of being verified?

Maybe helpful ??

–> Verified Accounts

The first post in this thread answered those questions.

Try pinging @review-team

+1 from me - it would be great to have this officially recognised in the store.

It looks like this isn’t going to happen, but thank you to those who did take some time to look at this request.

Maybe Patience is sweeter ?, it usually takes time for these type of requests to succeed, one reviewer has already voted just one more vote by a another reviewer will initiate this.

+1 from me as reviewer, thanks for applying.

@roadmr looks like this has the required +2 votes - can this be actioned?

This is done, Approximatrix is now verified.

  • Daniel