Verified Publisher Request: `authzed`

Hi all

I’d like to request Verified Publisher status on behalf of Jimmy Zelinskie at Authzed, who I’ve been working with to land the spicedb snap.

Jimmy worked on landing the snap recently, and the latest version was released by their CI automatically, so they should be in good shape with future releases.

Jimmy is the founder of Authzed. We met in person at FOSDEM 2024 through a mutual connection. The email address that should be tied to the verified publisher account is the same as that of the authzed account on the store.

Many thanks! Jon


Thanks @jnsgruk - as per Verified Accounts we need the following information:

  • The group email address that should be tied to the Verified Account.

Otherwise this looks good to go - so +1 from me once we have this missing piece of info. Thanks.

Hey Alex! I think the best address to use is

Thanks, Jon

Thanks @jnsgruk - can other @policy-reviewers please chime in on this request?

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+1 from me too, looks good!

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+1 from me as well. Thanks @jnsgruk for helping the upstream get their app published!

+1 from me, too! @jnsgruk since you mentioned the email, and it is currently not the email tied to the publisher account of the spicedb snap, could you please ask that Jimmy changes the email address tied to the publisher account to ? It would also be great if he could specify Authzed as the company name for the publisher account.

This would be enough for us to be able to action the request.