Verified Account for Brave Software


Following are the answers to the questions from Verified Accounts

A list of the snaps that you have, that should have a verified publisher associated with them.

Only one, the Brave browser, for x64 and arm64

The institution, foundation or company that you are a member of or work for.

Brave Software

Your role within that institution, foundation or company.

DevOps Engineer

The group email address that should be tied to the Verified Account.

devops at brave dot com

The way in which your institution has worked, collaborated or partnered with us. If your institution, foundation or company hasn’t so far, let’s start a conversation.

We’ve been maintaining/supporting a snap version of our browser for years (including cooperation with the Canonical team [1] and other contributors) in addition to participating in this forum.

We believe it’s in the best interest of Snap store users for Brave releases to be marked as coming from a verified publisher, same as Chromium, Firefox, Opera and Konqueror.




Thanks for the detailed information - +1 from me, it would be great to have the Brave snap published under a verified account in the snap store.

+1 from me, and thanks for the excellent snap!

Thanks Alex & Ken!

@review-team @holly 11 days, 2 approvals from policy reviewers - is it time to make this official?

@review-team @roadmr we’re going to release a new version in a few hours, it would be great to finalize this by then

The account is now verified!

  • Daniel

Thanks @roadmr!