Register and verify organisation in snapstore

I’m in the process of transfering a snap (polkadot) ownership to Dwellir. I need some help with this.

  • How do I register an organization account in snapstore?

  • How can I get the account verified?

  • How can I transfer ownership from my account to the new owner/maintainer (Dwellir) ?

Many thanx.

Not sure how I can get attention to this question so I try to reach out to you @alexmurray

@lofidevops and @odysseus-k - can you help here?

It looks like Dwellir already exists, so now you need to:

  • Add Dwellir as a collaborator
  • Dwellir needs to accept the invitation
  • Let us know you’re ready

By verified, do you mean Dwellir wants to be a verified publisher like Slack or JetBrains? They should follow the process here: Verified Accounts

@alexmurray @lofidevops I have some problems with the Dwellir account and I have sent a PM to Alex about it.

Side-note: I have a team in launchpad with the same name “dwellir” which might be causing issues? Dwellir AB in Launchpad

I would like in the end to have “Dwellir” registered as a publisher and connect our team members to it so that we can start managing our CI/CD and release pipelines accordingly. Really need some hands on help here and get it all sorted so we can start releasing stable versions of the Polkadot snap.


If it is ok to share publicly, what are the problems you’r seeing with the account? cc @alexmurray

To extend a bit what @lofidevops mentioned, an organization account is just another account there is no “team” or “org” concept in This means that for dwellir (dwellir) published snaps in the Snap Store to own all your snaps you first need to transfer them to this account. As @lofidevops mentioned:

  1. Add Dwellir as a collaborator (to all snaps you want to transfer)
  2. Dwellir needs to accept the invitation
  3. Let us know you’re ready, so we can do the transfer from the current owner to Dwellir (1 and 2 is to confirm the current owner will to transfer it)

Once that is done, given then are no teams/orgs in, the team members will need to be keep updated in the collaborators list.

Hope this helps to make things a bit more clear.


@antonpkazakov - I would like to transfer the ownership of the “polkadot” snap, owned by me erik-lonroth -to- The snapcraft account “dwellir-snapcrafters”.


The transfer is done


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Thanx alot! I can see that it seems legit now!