Verified Publisher request (Andrei)


my name is Andrei and I would like to request the Verified Publisher status for my account.

Currently I have 4 open source applications, developed by me, published on Snapcraft, in particular:

The source code of these applications is on GitHub.

Thanks for your consideration.

Hi @AndreiDodu - according to the policy for Verified Publishers (Verified Accounts) this is really meant for companies / organisations, not individuals:

We grant Verified Account status to institutions, foundations or companies that have worked, collaborated or partnered with us, that prove to us that their snaps are maintained, genuine and of high quality.

@holly can you confirm if perhaps Star Developer (Star Developers) would be the most appropriate for an individual?

Hi @AndreiDodu!

@alexmurray is exactly correct, Star Developer status would be best in this situation. Would you like to request this status instead?

Kind regards, Holly

@holly yes, please :slight_smile: