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Welcome to the home of snap, snapd, and snapcraft documentation.

ⓘ Snaps are app packages for desktop, cloud and IoT that are easy to install, secure, cross-platform and dependency-free.

  • snap is both the command line interface and the application package format
  • snapd is the background service that manages and maintains your snaps
  • snapcraft is the command and the framework used to build your own snaps
  • Snap Store provides a place to upload your snaps, and for users to browse and install

Discovering snap:

Getting started Discover how snaps are used, installed, updated, removed and managed
Installing snap Step-by-step installation instructions for all major Linux distributions, from Arch to Zorin
Channels Get the latest stable releases of your favourite software, or run cutting edge versions

Advanced features:

Controlling updates Snaps update automatically, but you can also manually control when and how often
Snapshots Save, backup and restore the state of one or more installed snaps
Parallel installs Install more than one version of the same snap on your system

Building your own snaps:

Snapcraft overview Learn how to Install snapcraft and build your first snaps
Creating a snap Step-by-step guides for Python, Go, Electron, pre-built binaries and more
The snapcraft format A comprehensive look at the various values that can be defined within a snap’s build file

Most of this documentation can be collaboratively discussed and changed on the respective topic in the Snapcraft forum. See the documentation guidelines if you’d like to contribute.






Added a new Commands and aliases section.

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… and Service management.

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Could we pin this topic (the one with the navigation) to the top of the “doc” category?

I always arrive at looking for it, can’t find it, and ultimately have to go to and click “the forum topic” in the footer to find it.


Would it be okay to add a <hr> (---in markdown) above the “Content” heading on this topic?

It would more clearly separate the introduction from the navigation for the user, and would make it easier for

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Good idea - I’ve been doing the same. Now pinned.


We can’t add that line because that content goes into the actual documentation header and welcome page. If we add a line here, a line gets added there. See page for a live (cached for 1h) snapshot of the content here.

Yep makes sense. We can tweak that after the new version lands.

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Just when is this documentation experiment, that has been thoroughly told to me isn’t an experiment anymore and is the only way we’re going to do things, going to replace the documentation???! Trying to remember the domain is a pain and rather impossible. Also it looks unprofessional when we point users there.

Thanks for the prod, and you’re absolutely right. We’re currently working on moving these docs over ASAP - even to the point of having daily meetings on the process. We can’t quite commit to a date yet, but we’re hoping the docs transfer will be soon.


@degville Could we please update the redirected links in the navigation to their new targets?

  • /t/configuration-options/87 -> /t/system-options/87
  • /t/enabling-swap-on-core/5440 -> /t/enabling-swap-on-ubuntu-core/5440
  • /t/permission-requests/455 -> /t/process-for-aliases-auto-connections-and-tracks/455
  • /t/tab-completion/2261 -> /t/tab-completion-for-snaps/2261
  • /t/mavin-plugin/4282 -> /t/the-maven-plugin/4282

Of if you could give me access to edit it myself, I’ll go ahead and do it.

@nottrobin I’ve just updated those links.

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Could someone with edit rights please update the “Interface management” link to point to /t/interface-management/6154 (the actual URL) instead of /t/interfaces/6154 (a redirect), to fix

On a related topic, it would be great if someone could please give me permission to edit this page, so I can fix issues like this myself in future.

Updated, thanks for the prod.

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Is the page originally at migrated to the new site?

I have ported this page to Environment variables, please help adding it to the new documentation site.

Also for Environment variables that Snapcraft exposes during the build process.

Please pin the following topic to Publishing > Snapcraft plugins

I would like to point out there’s no getting started documentation for snapcraft in the index