Snappy Ecosphere Report: W17

Each week we gather together a bunch of pertinent information about Snappy-related topics. Please find below just a small selection of what has been happening.


Ubuntu Core Images

Cross Distribution Support

  • Spread testing for debian is finally merged and now active for every new PR; confinement related tests are still disabled because of missing confinement on Debian but those tests will be reworked soon to be more dynamic and detect confinement at runtime
  • Initial work on spread testing for Fedora works. Test environment setup (building snapd rpms in spread etc.) is working, now next steps are to get all applicable test cases working.
  • snapd unit tests now run fully on Fedora. Additional golang package updates are required in Fedora to get unit test execution included into the actual package builds.
  • XAUTHORITY bug fix landed in upcoming 2.25, fixes downstream openSUSE bug
  • snapd-xdg-open discussion now came to the decision that we start implementing a snapd --user instance which will take over the work from snapd-xdg-open and be open for future additions like the xdg desktop portals. Packaging will keep care that snapd --user is launched within the user session.
  • Initial work started to bring snapd onto Raspbian-based on Debian Jessie. Requires a backport of newer golang packages (Raspbian ships with 1.3 and snapd requires 1.6). Plan is to make initial work available soon via an additional package archive to allow testing from the community.


  • Snapcraft 2.29 released to the Ubuntu archives, feature list and process can be read about on Welcome snapcraft 2.29
  • Snapcraft 2.29.1 was released only as a snap with fixes mostly related to snapcraft as a snap, more information on Snapcraft 2.29.1 has been released
  • Snapcraft 2.29.1 has moved to beta and currently in a call for testing before moving to the candidate channel, read about it on Call for testing: snapcraft
  • Snapcraft 2.30 items taking place, for the full list check In progress: snapcraft 2.30, these are called out specifically:
    • Progress on the snapcraft UX for collaboration, and asciinema recording update can be seen on UX for snap collaboration
    • Full per project container support behind a feature flag has landed, work on supporting remotes other than “””local””” is taking place now, track it by taking a look every now and then at Per project containers
    • Cross compilation support for the go plugin, general structure of cross compilation support is documented here: How to support cross-compilation in plugins

Snap Store

  • Fix performance issue in snap configurations page.
  • Fix regression in license selection to allow GPL “or later” variants
  • Channels 2.0: last bit of UX for branches landed for snapcraft 2.30, forum post on the feature to follow.
  • Aliases: implementation for new design landed for snapd 2.25; install shortcut flags still to be done; forum post Improving the aliases implementation.

Snaps in the news

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