Next discussion topics

There will be a in-person sprint for some of us soon.

Some ideas what we want to discuss:

  • repair assertion roadmap, i.e. a canonical-only repair with limited features (but full security) ASAP, branch specific ones later
  • base snaps roadmap, we need those for 18.04 so better start now
  • hotplug interfaces
  • improve snap error dashboard
  • device reset/recovery
  • snapd on gnome/wayland catchup (will we need new interfaces?)
  • interface hooks (current status and high-level overview; will we need anything more?)
  • gadget updates
  • android bootloader support
  • core-16 → core-18 system upgrades
  • writable-path magic cleanup
  • epoch
  • overmount interface
  • improving our CI experience? our CI has become relatively frustrating where PRs can take 3h+ to land by a combination of travis queuing, time of execution of the test suite with the possibility of it timing out, especiallly around release time when we would like to get through things quickly


  • health checks


  • config schemas, a way to introspect configuration
  • canary deploys from the store with error rate integration
  • manpages, icons, themes
  • go version

We will use the forum to update the discussion and break the topics out into their own pages as we go :slight_smile:


I’ve already started this. It is in progress but has been backlogged due to the volume of recent sprint’s PR reviews (et al). I’ve talked to @willcooke and @Trevinho to coordinate the work with the desktop team. The work is in hand and will pick up soon (it is high in the queue).

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