Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!


Audio Recorder would be a great one to snap and provide the yaml to upstream. It’s an awesome app I use every week.


That is interesting, however, the problem is that the pulseaudio interface which provides audio access doesn’t support audio recording according to the documentation. It works nevertheless though…


Because no one is onto it?




FPS (First Person Shooter) is the most popular game genre, please consider adding more games:


'nother good new zealand yaml would be scuttlebutt.

#259 is a nice electron calendar app for tv show that unfortunately offers only a static binary.


perhaps a dedicated customer relationship managment snap would turn up well?


More Office snaps:


@Zap123 perhaps creating an issue would be the better way to helm-in a calendar app.

Also check out eksctl.


Note taking app with 8k GitHub stars, Linux version is a zip file:


first of all - github is not Libre-completed.

saying that I do like 4kdownload so go figure :wink: ?


The “GitHub stars” was just to show that it has some popularity and maybe people would be interested in a snap version of it too.


RStudio Desktop


Hi everyone!

Could anyone please add the Openshift client binary?
You can take it from here:
Thanks in advance!


Topocal pro would be great for me


I would love to see VirtualBlox and MySQL Workbench as a snap :slight_smile:


I would like to see Vivaldi browser as a snap.
It’s based on Chromium that’s already available as snap.


Gnome-Software or Ubuntu-software


This may be outside the scope, but I’d love to be able to install and update Anaconda (the python/R/etc distribution) via snaps. Of course this implies somehow keeping the ability to create separate environments using conda while still keeping the main up-to-date.