Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!

FreeTube - GPL3 youtube client.

Remember VirtuaCop? I currently have a portable version that I play sometimes on my school’s computers.

That would be cool as a Snap with Wine.

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A good app is Remember the Milk, it would be nice to have it as a snap


A quite an important snap for all the DJ’s and music people in general would be Mixxx.

Free and open source DJ software for Linux. Mixxx integrates the tools DJs need to perform creative live mixes with digital music files. Whether you are a new DJ with just a laptop or an experienced turntablist, Mixxx can support your style and techniques of mixing.

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Ableton :stuck_out_tongue:

But that’s kind of a stretch :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to suggest:
pCloud (
Money Manager Ex (


Open Source Compositing Software For
VFX and Motion Graphics.

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I’ve found this nice little tool to analyse csv data, it’s not perfect, in particular the export of filtered data it’s not implemented, but there are a lot of snaps on data analytics and this seems a nice addition. It’s not in the repo and it’s an electron application so it should be easy to package

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How about Apache Kafka? It could be helpful for Metrics and Web Site Monitoring as well as Log Aggregation, but also for its primary purpose of Stream Optimization and messaging.

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| quite agree @wililupy , and I find your suggestion honourable.

| Thankyou for that, and your pic brought a smile to my face :upside_down_face:

| just to add to the rays of suggestions above; I found the Quid-up page* quite enlightening.

| *of potential\possible programs :+1:

haxe would be great since the debian aptitude packages are late to the stable releases. I did a test implementation but someone already registered the haxe name and I can’t seem to get the snap working from the terminal(i.e. compiling with haxe or doing haxelib install hxcpp) when trying the app through local install with --dangerous

Snap Store for desktop

Lutris would be awesome.

Open source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2


Onedrive client: would be awesome since currently you actually need to compile it to install and I guess lots of people in the workenvironment would appreciate to get access to onedrive from their Linux machines.

@KristijanZic GSConnect - (aswell as your KDE Connect suggestion) implementation for Gnome Shell 3.24+


HTML Help Workshop hhc.exe as a wine snap . This would enable generating .chm help on Linux that works flawlessly!

#PlayOnLinux :+1:t4:

But It seems that they are not able to get a working #snap.

please solve THIS problem on Ubuntu Cosmic:

AVIdemux please.

There is an AppImage available, so I guess its easy to snap?