Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!

It’s been great to see posts about WordPress, Corebird, Discord, Atom and others landing in the snap store.

What I want to know is what snap is missing from the store? What’s the killer app for you that you wish was a snap install away, automatically updated and always fresh?

Is there some tool you use which is ancient in the archive? What about that game which is outdated? Perhaps there’s a brand new fast moving command line tool you’re using, which you have to build from source, like a barbarian? Maybe you’re getting envious about a desktop app available elsewhere, but not in your distro? What about that thing in a PPA which doesn’t get updated often?

I think everyone has their own pet applications or tools & utilities that they’d like to see snapped, and I wanted to get some feedback from our community to find out what you want to see snapped next?

Leave a comment below, and feel free to :heart: suggestions you agree with!


iRedMail ( especially for the Raspberry Pi or other ARM devices.

I believe this was part of some kind of SMB solution based on snappy, but it was for the amd64 architecture only.

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Pycharm, or more generally the whole Jetbrains portfolio! They’re already fairly easy to install, just unzip and run, but that also makes upgrades tedious.

Pycharm and (I think) IntelliJ have community versions under Apache license (IIRC) so no roadblocks there. But For the others, vendor cooperation would probably be necessary.


My biggest wants at the moment are desktop RSS app Feedreader ( and desktop eBook app Bookworm (

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Separate post because separate app: anki which has been suffering from qt4 transition lag for quite some time but works fine when installed via sudo make install.

In general, it would be cool to package apps that have roadblock bugs due to library transitions like this (semi-)automatically. Maybe put a warning sign at install time or on first start though. The new libraries aren’t there for no reason, after all.

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I’d love to see openmediavault ported to Ubuntu. I wonder if snaping it would be a solution (not sure how it would interact with updates and extra repositories though)

Apart from that, there are 3 apps that I’ve been having problems with and I wonder if getting the bleeding edge ones snapped would solve the issues:




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webtorrent-desktop, they even have an issue requesting a snap for it on issue #1071

Well, ideally I’d like to see every app on the Internet that isn’t yet a stable strict Snap made a stable strict Snap xD
Stuff I use - in order of my personal preference (so would personally want prioritised):

  • Firefox
  • LibreOffice (lots of bugs that need to be fixed on the stable Snap - I’m also getting some nasty crashes but the Apport Snap doesn’t seem to pick them up yet)
  • GNOME apps (e.g. Files, Text Editor, Document Viewer)
  • Discord (thanks Martin for the Snap! But still needs indicator working (works in the Deb) and autostart)
  • PlayOnLinux - the upstream for Phoenicis (aka POL 5) seem to be quite enthusiastic about making a Snap for this
  • Thunderbird
  • Time Tracker (Hamster)
  • Snapcraft (Candidate Snap for that out but not a stable one yet)
  • GnuCash

Indicators in Discord work just fine here. What desktop are you using?

I’d really like to see LibreOffice STILL :slight_smile:

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From the same team, I made a snap for bittorrent-tracker:

I would appreciate everybody’s thumbs-up in that PR.

Ubuntu 17.04 (Unity 7)



Good news! Kdenlive and Inkscape are already snapped and push to the store regularly! :smiley:


FWIW, there is a snapcraft in candidate and we are waiting for some thumbs up or no blockers to move it to stable

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Oooo I didn’t know Kdenlive is regularly pushing to the store. Will deffo install that Snap next time I need to do some video editing!


Ranked from most wanted to would be nice to have:


Ubiquiti Unifi controller


I want kodi!!

-o-o-o- (need more characters to be able to post)


Good news! 0ad is in the store :slight_smile:

@oSoMoN built a snap. Give it a test! :slight_smile:

name:      play0ad
summary:   "Real-time strategy game of ancient warfare"
publisher: osomon
description: |
  0 A.D. (pronounced "zero ey-dee") is a free, open-source, cross-platform
  real-time strategy (RTS) game of ancient warfare. In short, it is a
  historically-based war/economy game that allows players to relive or rewrite
  the history of Western civilizations, focusing on the years between 500 B.C.
  and 500 A.D. The project is highly ambitious, involving state-of-the-art 3D
  graphics, detailed artwork, sound, and a flexible and powerful custom-built
  game engine.
  - play0ad.0ad
  - play0ad.atlas
tracking:    stable
installed:   0.0.21-alpha (12) 800MB -
refreshed:   2017-05-08 11:14:46 +0100 BST
  stable:    0.0.21-alpha (12) 800MB -
  candidate: 0.0.21-alpha (12) 800MB -
  beta:      0.0.21-alpha (12) 800MB -
  edge:      0.0.21-alpha (12) 800MB -