Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!


That’s really cool, will give it a try! Thanks @oSoMoN :slight_smile:


Please note that to work fully confined the game requires the connection of the process-control interface:

snap install play0ad
snap connect play0ad:process-control :process-control

And enjoy!

This requirement should go away in the near future (see that other thread for technical details).


Would like all of these:


Also, can drivers be put into snaps? The drivers for the TV tuner cards (terrestrial and satellite) from TBS Technologies (see, note most of the cards use the same Linux driver package) have never been included in the Linux kernel for some odd reason, and have to be rebuilt and reinstalled every time there is a kernel update (and there are way too many kernel updates IMHO, but that’s a whole other discussion). I wonder if there is any way such drivers could be included in snap packages, or are snaps for applications only?


Picasa is top of my list.
Still the best/easiest photo organiser and simple editor. Sorry f-spot et al.
Especially if you already have decades of photos already stored and edited.
Gimp/darktable are good for photos you want to give special attention, but for large numbers it has to be picasa.
Picasa 3.0.0 is fine by me - I sync to the web using other tools. I have deb package picasa-3.0.0-build-57.4402.deb installed on Ubuntu 12.04. I think it works OK on 14.04?, but not on 16.04.
That’s one reason I still run 12.04. A snap package would be GREAT!


RetroArch OpenSource frontend for the many libretro emulator cores

Dolphin(emulator) OpenSource Nintendo Wii and GameCube emulator

Lutris OpenSource gaming platform for Linux. Great way to manage games from multiple sources (Steam, GoG,, WINE, etc)

PlayOnLinux OpenSource manager for WINE. Great way to manage multiple WINE bottles and different versions of WINE easily


I don’t have an app to recommend, but rather either a feature request or a bug report (not sure which.) I like running LibreOffice as a snap, but even installed in classic mode it will not utilize my fonts in ~/.fonts. I’m pretty sure Inkscape will do this. I’m unsure how to pass this request along to the snap maintainer for LibreOffice. Any ideas on how to make this known? For a word processing app, I think that the ability to use custom fonts is a pretty big deal.



How about the Ubuntu/GNOME Center itself? It’d be nice to get those updates out of band since I’m not going to get a fresh version in 16.04, and it also would let LTS users get the latest snap/GUI goodness.


Nylas Mail


Talking about official releases:

sublime text


I would like to Rambox, Steam, and maybe a closed source programs (Google Chrome, Opera…etc)
The best think of create one snap port from independent developers.

And please, make look like the snappy in terminal as DNF (from fedora) The DNF is pretty, orderly, and transparent. APT is just work, but not transparent.
Please don’t break snappy and the world linux users be happy! :smiley: :wink:


Elementary OS applications

  • Albert launcher (I, a complete packaging newbie, gave it a try based on another snap’s yaml, but it had issues after compiling.)
  • Quod Libet


vs code
all network related tools (tcpdump, netcat, traceroute, etc) in a single snap packages


OBS Studio Open Source software for video recording and live streaming


Android Studio will be most wellcome


For dev:
NodeJS (stable (LTS) and beta (current) channel), Nginx, Apache, php, MySQL, rust, golang, Android Studio and oracle jdk, Qt Creator, Tilix, NetBeans, FileZilla

For media:
Darktable (updated), Gimp (stable and beta channel), DigiKam, Rawtherapee.

For other:
kde-connect, Firefox, VirtualBox

If there is a way to talk to Blackmagic Design to release their Fusion8 and DaVinci Resolve as snaps that would be the greatest thing ever.
Also having Steam as a snap would be so cool. :smiley:


Ardour - my favourite DAW. Being able to get the latest and the greatest release would be a big plus for musicians.


Wow that’s one complex Snap!

Also, I know this’ll mean everyone who has it installed will need to reinstall, but before more people install it (inb4 OMG! Ubuntu! write an article on it) maybe renaming the package to 0ad like all distribution packages would be a good idea? Then you can run it from the command line with 0ad (if you don’t have the Deb installed) or /snap/bin/0ad or snap run 0ad rather than the longer play0ad.0ad (which isn’t particularly intuitive, as I argued for the old corebird-diddledan.corebird command, which is now just corebird).

Also, can you make an Edge channel release regularly built from their SVN repo? :slight_smile:


I think I know why the Discord indicator isn’t working in 17.04! You need to get the app to run with env XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=Unity discord - the fix you used for Dropbox. I’m not 100% sure that will fix it but if your Snap doesn’t already do that then there’s a good chance that is the reason. Though presumably you’d have to ensure the Snap only runs it with that command when it’s on a Unity desktop… Presumably there’s some sort of command you can use for it to detect the current variable for XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP and if it’s Unity:Unity7 to change it to Unity.

And is there anything you can do about auto-starting the app or does that require --classic or something (which would be annoying)?


Hello! I’d appreciate very much being able to install Frescobaldi as a snap. It’ available in the official repositories, but the complexity of the dependencies often create problems (an in the last release).
Thank you!