Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!

  • KDEconnect
  • Librevault
  • Veracrypt
  • Sparkleshare
  • Onion Share
  • Sunflower File Manager
  • Tomb
  • Etcher
  • Encryptpad


Oo, or MuseScore?



Would be wonderful to have a continuously updated version of my favorite torrent client. :slight_smile:


Well, I’d like a sort of ‘music notation area’ snap. Personally I prefer working with LilyPond than with MuseScore, but I’d find great having the one and the other as snaps.


Like others have suggested, I would love to see web browsers Snappified (stable and beta channels), particularly Google Chrome and Firefox.

WINE, with its million dependencies, would be nice to isolate as well.


Some of the ones I would like to see:


I wish there was a nice dosbox part that made it trivial to build strict snaps of old DOS games.


Yes, that would be ideal, however snapd doesn’t allow snap names to start with a numerical character. See the verify_security_tag function.

Maybe a snapd developer can comment on the restriction and whether it will be lifted at some point?

That’s on my to-do list.


who will keep it up-to-date?



And then to get rid of PPAs:

LibreOffice Fresh, VLC, Virtualbox, Scribus Next, Inkscape, GIMP, Wine Devel.
Icon sets and themes would be very helpful too.


kdenlive would avoid installing huge kde dependencies on a cinamonn desktop


Qbittorrent because the official ppa doesn’t have any build for zesty and had similar issues with yakkety.


usb-creator-gtk, because apparently it depends on very specific versions of python libraries that make it unusable in other distros (and this would be a way of those distros getting it)


Here my wishlist:


*The last time I checked it, it needed meson and ninja that I think are not supported yet in snapcraft.


MPV, MPV, and MPV :slight_smile:

  • AceStream
  • Kodi
  • GIMP


I love to see nodejs and android studio as snaps.


The Snapcraft Snap is in Beta, not Candidate, actually :stuck_out_tongue:

$ snap info snapcraft
  beta:   2.29.1               (99)  53MB classic
  edge:   2.29.1+git27.5da9ec9 (146) 53MB classic


I realize that it won’t be happening soon, but I look forward to the day when an entire desktop environment (such as KDE Plasma) can be installed using snaps and/or flatpak. When that day arrives, I’ll be able to install my preferred DE directly onto the latest vanilla Ubuntu, and get the latest updates for my preferred DE directly from the DE developers, without fear of broken dependencies.


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