Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!


Those are the ones I think are missing from the snap store.


GNOME Twitch would be a nice addition in my opinion. :smiley:


Game engine: Unity (a.k.a Unity3D)
See: Forums > Betas & Experimental Features > Linux Editor


@jor1196 ‘gnome-everything’ reminds of Mark’s take on the werd ‘Open’ :paw_prints:

but that’s why I shall add LXQt to the Wishlist of snaps.


+1 for this - it would be great have an up-to-date version available without littering my download folder with another tarball ^_^b


@ultraviolet with xdman-downloader as a snap you could specify where you’d like your files to remain.


+1 for filezilla ubuntu version is a bit outdated


Gajim (

The upstream project published a flatpak version recently.

Would be great to have a snap too :slight_smile:


I have a proof of concept running already. Will post it to snapcrafters soon.


A really neat-looking UI mocking tool, looks to be OSS competitor to Sketch. They already have a snap since the most recent release (back in March, 0.7) but requires manual download, and --classic --dangerous to run. As a small team, they’d probably really appreciate some help to get everything squared away to get into the store.


Converseen is one simple app that I really would like tonsee here.

  • Soulseek (http : // www . slsknet . org)
  • SoundConverter (http : // soundconverter . org)
  • SoundKonverter (https : // github . com/dfaust/soundkonverter)
  • Python 3


Python’s interpreter is pre-installed in Ubuntu. So it’s better IDLE with the newest version of Python.


This would be great to Linux and Security


With Windows apps being bundled on Wine, I’d really love to see games, like League of Legends, Mass Effect, Origin, and other apps, like iTunes, and some Android apps, like Line


wine apps are always a matter of free re-distributability … (unless you only create a launcher/installer that does the right EULA prompting etc)


Shouldn’t this topic be pinned in the snap category?


Oh wow. I’m late to the party, but I’m building a list.

The one I miss every day is rofi-pass - availalbe in the aur, but not on Ubuntu as far as I can find.


I miss the following:

Falkon (KDESC Webbrowser)
Flowblade Video Editor

Adding them would be amazing!


I believe SimpleScreenRecorder and OBS Studio are both suitable alternatives to Vokoscreen which both are snapped, I’d suggest you check it out if you haven’t.