Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!


Last time was on 20th April this year


Not even a week. I’d give it a couple of weeks at least.



afaik,their snap is not working


How about gourmet (recipe manager)? I’m looking to replace MasterCook as I migrate to Ubuntu from Windoze.


@geekgirl Good effort - better than my time with slurp, anyway :thinking:


OK I will report again in 2 weeks :blush:


Personally, I’d love to see MultiMC and Steam - I play a few games with my nephew and he loves MultiMC for his Minecraft and I share my Steam library with him. Can use both already, but snaps would be a lot more convenient.

A lot of the apps I would have nominated are already here though, so thanks for all of your hard work everyone ^_^b




audacity is available as a preview release in --candidate:

sudo snap install --candidate audacity

snap install linux-steam-integration --edge
snap install solus-runtime-gaming --edge


Cheers, should get the family up and running! ^_^b


The Battle for Wesnoth


@popey still no answer from the package maintainer

EDIT: qBittorrent would be fine as well :slightly_smiling_face:



I use it for automatic snapshots on Btrfs file system, very useful.

#223 (Electron app)


Mailpile would be nice :slight_smile:


Gnome Photos
Gnome 3.28 desktop complete as snap


Lucas Chess game (Python 2.7)
Official site:


Game engine: Ren’Py
Official site:


@thibran yep Q3 & FreeCS … just because.