[HOW TO] Install Snap on any Chromebook, ChromeOS with Crostini! Fully Working Guide

How to install and get Snap fully working on any Chromebook/ChromeOS! Guide by Carsen Klock

This guide will work on the default Linux (Beta) Crostini on ChromeOS and solves the mounting issue of mounting snaps and permission issues with Snap within Crostini. Feel free to post your comments here. If you follow the guide successfully, you will be able to install Denarius and any other Snap available with no issues.

Link to the guide:


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Thanks daniel haha

This should be immensely helpful to a lot of those with issues with Snap on ChromeOS

Thanks a lot it’s very useful.
I tried it to install Rambox on my ChromeBox.
Everything was ok until the end but…sorry noob question…how do I launch Rambox after successful install ?
I can see it in snapd files installed.

The article’s down and the site hosting it is purchased by Namecheap, whoever that is. Is there a more up-to-date resource that could be provided?

i think here is a copy of the original post …

Still getting

I did all the steps relevant to my architecture.

try starting snapd manually, perhaps that helps:

$ sudo systemctl start --enable snapd


oops, yeah, the above is nonsense, sorry, try:

$ sudo systemctl  enable --now snapd

Tried that.