Error installing musescore on ChromeOS

That link you posted is from before Chrome OS v80 was released … I’ll come back to it if removing and re-starting Linux doesn’t work. They SAID Buster would be default in 80, now I’m not so sure.

That link shows a standard Debian distro upgrade routine that has been in place for multiple Debian upgrades starting from the first version. The reference to the Chrome version has been placed by the author for convenience, it is not in anyway authoritative with respect to how a Debian distro is upgraded. Never the less, it is important to err on the side of caution.

OK, good, thanks. I don’t remember though if I re-installed the Linux VM after the upgrade to Chrome OS 80, which was supposed to have Buster by default. It may have gotten pushed back to v81, but it’s hard to tell – plus there are “Chrome OS” for Android, probably Windows and Apple, as well as Chromebook, and they all have their own releases. I think. This is still all quite mysterious to me.

So if the new installation doesn’t show up with Buster, I’ll follow your link. Thanks again.

The Chromebook Chrome OS 80 version nor the VM shouldn’t have to be touched in this case.
It is the version of Debian running within the VM that should be upgraded to Buster.

Anyway it’s 1am so will check in again in about 8 hours. Have fun !

I see … well, not really, but I trust that YOU see. Meanwhile I have no VM for the moment. The installation dialogue says “this may take a few minutes”, but just like last time, it’s more like a few hours.

It worked, though. I have Debian 10 now.


Uh oh…



Right, you showed me that before. I’ll report back.


sigh I’ve got to get out in the garden for a while. I have leeks and lettuce to plant… I’m trying snap hello-world again, I’ll let you know if it installs.


@ sisterfelicity I would suggest a little Linux specific testing here, could you please open a terminal in Debian Buster and type: locale [enter] and post the results.

@ sisterfelicity ogra’s suggestion to download directly and install - what were the results - I can’t seem to find them in the posts ?

@ ogra - you probably know EOF can occur in Linux scripts for a few reasons, I am not a SNAP dev but have come across this in bash scripting where double quotes need to be interchanged with single quotes. Here’s an info link:


I didn’t try it … You mean ijohnson’s suggestion? I’ll try it now.


@sisterfelicity - This is a simple test to see if Debian is able to find the snap store:

Please from a terminal in Debian: ping -c 20 [enter], and post result…



That’s good network connectivity and the base systems(Host Machine Chrome OS 80, VM, containerised OS - Debian Buster) are definitely in place and fundamentally seem to be working.

Can you now from terminal in Debian please try: snap install atom

I know this SNAP to work on my Linux (not Debian) and if not successful from here we will have to invite / some SNAP developers and look at SNAP daemon script syntax, and possibly specific to Debian.


Trying htop now. I’ll report back, but then it’s bedtime for me.