Documentation Drive Hit List

As mentioned on the Documentation Drive thread. We’re going to have a concerted effort to create new and update existing documentation for snapcraft and snapd.

This wiki post is designed to create a list we should focus on. Please feel free to add to this list.

Existing documentation

  • Installing snapd - review and update for each supported platform
  • Build & publishing snaps - re-write as separate docs per system
    • Build using snapcraft in Docker
    • Build snaps in travis
    • Build snaps in launchpad
    • Build using snapcraft in LXD
    • Optimising the build process (for fast turn around during development)
  • Advanced features - break out to specific docs per feature
  • review/improve documentation for each plugin and add examples

Documentation to create

  • Snaps as ‘build parts’ for new snaps
  • Creating snaps of Swift applications
  • Creating snaps of Kotlin applications
  • Building snaps using Electron Forge
  • Debugging the snap build
  • Debugging snap installation / runtime
  • Desktop helpers
  • Launch scripts
  • Using the gnome-platform platform snap