Docs & Examples for build-snaps

We’re investigating using build-snaps when building a snap with a 3rd party developer, to consume another snap which contains build dependencies. I’m not finding any docs or examples other than the integration tests in the source tree. Have build-snaps been fully implemented? Are there docs/examples I can refer to?


I am also interested in build-snaps and I haven’t been able to find any sort of documentation on the topic.

Specifically I envision a build snap that would contain the contents of a bunch of -dev debs, but I’m not sure how snapcraft would make the contents of that build snap available to the build systems.

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I don’t think this got implemented yet. It’s definitely necessary.

Well, apparently it is supported, which gets back to your point. We need docs for it.

Is this on someone’s to-do list? This is a feature we (the desktop team) are eager to start using, but we don’t really know where to start without some minimal documentation/example.

I’ve added it to the documentation drive list. Please add any other docs you think should be worked on.

Just want to add the PR introducing this feature here: