Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!

This would be useful for students learning networking: Packet Tracer.

It wouldn’t run without libpng12-0, which isn’t in the repo. Would be useful to have it in the Snap store to download and run in a snap :+1:

Posted this idea on Cisco’s User Voice about having a Snap version of Packet Tracer

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I can see realmd being incredibly useful for home, office and enterprise usage. It’s currently not available on Solus and it’d be awesome to get it setup so I don’t have to create user accounts on every single machine in the house…

Here’s the link to their site:

GitLab runner would be nice


Apparently there was an attempt at getting secure-scuttlebutt snapped upstream but the merge never happened on Github. Would anybody be able to please follow up on that as my last attempt wasn’t successful?

For the wishlist I wanted to put forward the following:

Name: Greenstone Digital Library Software
Description: Greenstone is a software suite that allows the creation of standalone digital library collections.
License: GPL v3

I would like a snap of the free and opensource Tachiomi Manga Reader

I would like to try myself but I need some documentation about creating a snap of kotlin application also it probably will need a NSFW tag for some of its plugins

+1 for MakeMKV - Anyone know the progress of this snap?
+1 for Veracrypt
+1 for Filezilla


I’m a fan of racing games and thre are 3 projects that have not a easy way to play it. This games are:
-Speed Dreams: You can only play the last version of this game compiling it:
-Vdrift: The same problem as with Speed Dreams. In addition the tracks and cars (vdrift-data) are in a separate repository and have to be added by hand…a single snap pack with all the material would make me tremendously happy.
-Racer: This is a free but not open source project. Many years ago there was a version for Linux ( V0.5.4 ), but it is very old. The most modern version (v0.9.0 RC10) has no linux support, but it is perfectly playable with Wine. Cars and Tracks must be downloaded separately. a Winepacked Snap (like Trackmania Nations Forever) with the possibility of add cars and tracks easily (/home) must be perfect.

I can’t see it in the store, @lucyllewy?

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Green With Envy

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MakeMKV is in the store in the edge channel. However, the confinement is set to devmode and grade is set to devel. These settings will cause snapd to not automatically update the snap. I have not managed to get strict confinement supported yet.


I’ve got makemkv actually starting in strict confinement now, but it doesn’t see any devices (Bluray or DVD drives)

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Pi Hole - there is a partially finished snap in progress here:


A matrix client, like Nheko & Riot

Hi snapcrafters,

I’m happy to package the Anki as snap from my personal branch ( and already had a beginning with upstream (

I’ll publish the anki-woodrow on public and hopefully it can be useful for someone.

I’d love to see the package for hexyl:

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I wonder if we should make a table and make it wiki, and let everyone add their desired entries instead.

The thread has grown too long without control…?

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Dust3D is a cross-platform open-source modeling software. It helps you create a 3D watertight model in seconds. Use it to speed up your character modeling in game making, 3D printing, and so on.

GNOME Boxes can replace VirtualBox (at least for basic work)
Someone is already working on it but its incomplete

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