Support for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+


@ogra Any update on this? We have been able to build images now, but the LED for the ethernet is still not working.

Also, do we have a timeline on when it will graduate from Edge?


the gadget was updated (even in stable), but our kernel still misses the patchset from:

and while we’d be ok just releasing without the LED fix (patch 2 in that set) and have that managed via the next kernel update, having the MAC address change on every boot is not considered good enough for stable. @ppisati is working on integrating these three patches, not sure if it will be already in the next kernel snap though.

We have an unreleased test image that was built from stable at:

if this helps you as an interim solution …

(there is a MAC address hack snap called “mac-spoofer” in the edge channel ( that you could use to work around this for the moment))


Thanks, @ogra. Yeah we wouldn’t be able to deploy this to our customers with “ephemeral MAC addresses”

@ppisati Do we have any ETA for these final fixes? We’re desperate to add production support for B+ as we literally lose customers every day because of the lack of this.


My use case isn’t this serious, but I do have a stack of rpi3+ that I’ve been struggling getting any ubuntu image to run on including ubuntu core - glad I found this thread - will be following along :slight_smile:


@ogra / @ondra - It’s now almost November. The B+ was released in on March 14th. That’s over six months ago and Core is still not usable given the shortcomings (no LED and MAC address issues) even on Edge. This needs to be escalated and solved.


regarding the MAC address:

… which refers to the matching SRU bug under:


@ogra The SRU listing is marked as “Invalid” tho.


this is fine since the patch can not go into the cureent linux-raspi2 branch of the kernel (which is 4.15) but needs to go into the 4.4 (xenial) branch, the nomination for Xenial needs to be approved, then a new non-invalid task will show up there.


Do we have a timeline for this? We’re desperate to get this.


i guess asking at the bug might work, this is all fully in the hands of the kernel team and their SRU process now.


@vpetersson We have an event this week where many of us will be together again. I’ll check what’s the current status and the estimated deadline for having it available.

Will provide feedback here.


@niemeyer Do you have an update on this? Thanks.


@vpetersson Current status is that we have a pre-release image for ubuntu-core 18 that has been tested on the B+ and has resolved the last known remaining issues there. You can find this image here:

For Ubuntu Core 16, we have a kernel build in the process of working its way through the pipeline that addresses If all goes well with QA, we will have this kernel snap in the stable channel around November 8, after which we will produce a stable image for raspi3 with the added B+ support.

We should be able to produce an Ubuntu Core 16 edge image well before that for testing. I will update here when that’s available. Due to some in-progress maintenance work on our image building infrastructure, this likely will not be available until next week.

cc @mvo


FWIW I bought a Pi 3B+ this week and slapped the image @slangasek linked to on it. Seems to be working well! Thanks!


Did anyone try this on a WiFi? I just tried it and I can’t seem to connect. I’m just getting Network configuration timed out; please verify your settings for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. It worked fine on previous builds.


I was using wired, but switched to wireless to test, and yes, it doesn’t always connect and drops off for me.


Wifi works fine for me with the Core 16 image (I have not tried the Core 18 one that @slangasek linked to)


I get the same thing (timeout trying to configure network with wifi on initial setup) with the core18 image - will try the core16 one soon


Where’d you get a Core 16 image for the B+ @ogra?


@popey - I just tried the latest one and it works for me -