Support for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+


Yes, is a build with the new raspi2 kernel snap from edge that contains the fix for Please do test and reply here with any issues.


The correct core18 image with WiFi and eth working is located at . The previous one that Steve linked (for 18) was an intermediate stable image that was missing the latest core18.

@vpetersson , could you give that image a spin instead?


from the cdimage link i posted 3 weeks ago :wink:


That image works for me! I’m getting a solid 48MB/s over wifi with no drops on my network. Thanks!


We can’t use the Core 18 image. We build our own Core 16 images with our own Snap Store, which makes it a bit more complicated. (Moving to Core 18 will have a while.)


Will you post here when the gadget snap (?) hits the various channels for the B+?


the b+ support in the pi3 gadget is in core 16 stable since weeks … only the kernel is missing


Alright, let me rephrase the question then: Could you post here when the kernel hits candidate and stable? It’s pretty hard to track these things from our end.


Well, @slangasek already mentioned an estimated release date around Nov. 8th, but yes, i’ll make sure to mention it here once the kernel shows up in stable.


Is it in candidate for kernel right now?


according to snap info pi2-kernel candidate seems to be identical to stable atm but beta seems to have 4.4.0-1100.108


Isn’t that a bit concerning if it is supposed to be shipped in stable next week?


i dont know the exact QA process of the kernel team, but i doubt it is something to be concerned about as long as it gets the right tests and ends up in stable eventually :slight_smile:


I’m just very concerned about any delay at this point given the massive delay for the B+ support in general. We got customers screaming at us on a daily basis.

#75 currently shows 4.4.0-1100.108 in candidate as well (claims it was “published 3 days ago”, but I guess that’s the original publication date to the store rather than the date it was published on this channel? given that it doesn’t match what you saw)


Yeah, i see it in candiate as well now with snap info pi2-kernel (the store and refresh dates in general are a myth to me :slight_smile: they never match expectations, not even for my own snaps)


Hi guys, I can confirm that using the candidate kernel snap fixes the issue with changing MAC address, thanks for this!

Another thing - not working Ethernet LEDs is not fixed though.


@ogra / @slangasek - From our testing, it indicates that the LEDs are not working on Candidate on Core16. This is a show stopper for using it in production of course. Please advise asap as it won’t be useful even if it hits Stable.


This is also in the works but we did not consider it critical enough to hold back the stable release for longer.

@ppisati is working on it and a fix will land in a subsequent kernel snap release, there seem to be some issues with applying the patches (they apply and the LEDs start to work but the chip itself stops functioning apparently (it accepts no more phy interrupts when packets arrive))


Thank you, @ogra.

I noticed that with Ubuntu Core 18 RPi 3B+ Ethernet LEDs work just fine.