Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!


Some kind of web browser



MuseScore 2.1.0 is now in the store! Call for testing: MuseScore v2.1.0


Wishes do come true! :heart_eyes: :unamused: :v: :relieved: :pensive: :ok_hand: :raised_hands:


i tried (and failed) … perhaps someone else feels like rolling a combined snap with ring-daemon and gnome-ring … (involves some dbus interface tinkering)


Have you done this tutorial?


Opera (Developer), Geary, Gedit and Gnome Tweak Tool is what I want to have as a snap apps. Using almost all of this things every day.

Don’t ask me why ‘Gnome Tweak Tool’, it’s just additionaly, as a challenge for someone, because of security restrictions at the moment.


I think I got ring working


i recently tried to build it myself and while it started fine i couldnt really do anything with it after creating an account … did you actually test to make a call ?


no I didn’t, I don’t have anyone to call :-p


Aceplayer (acestream).

Acestream-engine etc. are outdated (still) in AUR for example, so unable to play acestream links. Could Aceplayer be brought as a Snap?

Someone speaking Spanish has made .debs downloadable from here:

The archive extracts result to these:


Found it through here, includes all instructions:



seems someone already pushed it to the store:

ogra@styx:~$ snap find ace
Name             Version      Developer  Notes  Summary
acestreamplayer  3.0.2-snap9  vs         -      Ace Stream – P2P Multimedia Platform
ogra@styx:~$ snap info acestreamplayer
name:      acestreamplayer
summary:   "Ace Stream – P2P Multimedia Platform"
publisher: vs
description: |
  Ace Stream is an innovative multimedia platform of a new generation, which
  includes different products
  and solutions for ordinary Internet users as well as for professional members
  of the multimedia market.
snap-id:     sKHHd0HDIrnViLSTCRVGALg1mHkwQgFp
  stable:    3.0.2-snap9 (7) 202MB -
  candidate: ↑                     
  beta:      3.0.2-snap9 (7) 202MB -
  edge:      ↑                     


I would like to see Firefox and Firefox Developer snapped.



I vote for DigiKam. The version in the store is more than two years and installing it via ppa has been at times extremely painful and troublesome. Last time I tried it took me two days and left me with a messed up system.
Darktable would also be nice.

Also the entire UbuntuGIS stack would be great to have as a snap:
That includes QGIS, Grass, Marble, gdal, Saga GIS, Orfeo toolbox and some more.


I’d like to request a snap for ms-sys.

ms-sys is required to successfully burn Windows ISOs to USB sticks.The package is not present in Ubuntu/Debian repos, and this PPA is outdated.

ms-sys does need root access to devices under /dev.


MariaDB or MySQL and MongoDB
Error installing from debs/PPAs are frequent

$ snap find mongo|grep -c ^mongo

there are at least 6 versions of mongodb in the store already (from 2.2 to 3.3)


Both intellij-idea-community and intellij-idea-ultimate were published officially by jetbrains. Android Studio is coming soon.


Not updated for a while or abandoned since mongodb is already on 3.4.9 and what about mariadb or mysql?


then you should use “snap info” to find the maintainer and poke him about updating them (not sure whats missing) …
looks like @niemeyer owns these packages

mariadb and mysql would indeed need a packager …

postgresql is also in the store in a bunch of versions btw …


hi, i would like to see Qgis
Google Chrome
and Python

all this as snap.:grin: