Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!


Yeah, ditto on pCloud !


Jellyfin is an opensource alternative for plex an appvote for snap version here would be good


There are issues with the current image viewer on Ubuntu, it doesn’t appear to be color managed properly and it has been like that for years, other apps like Shotwell etc also display images in their own ways so I personally don’t trust any of them any more and I use Windows for the time being to show and preview images.

Here is just one example (pls download the screenshots and view it on the Ubuntu’s image viewer if you don’t see a difference in the browser):


It has been suggested to me to use an app called HDRview and I must admit it does the job well but I cannot find it in the repositories or in the Snap store or even on Flathub. Most ppl like myself probably haven’t event heard about that app because of that even tho it was available to install from source on Linux for quite a few years already.

This app seems to be a gem and should be made easily available imo. This is why I’d like to suggest for someone to snap this app if it pleases him/her.