Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!

Yeah, ditto on pCloud !

Jellyfin is an opensource alternative for plex an appvote for snap version here would be good

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There are issues with the current image viewer on Ubuntu, it doesn’t appear to be color managed properly and it has been like that for years, other apps like Shotwell etc also display images in their own ways so I personally don’t trust any of them any more and I use Windows for the time being to show and preview images.

Here is just one example (pls download the screenshots and view it on the Ubuntu’s image viewer if you don’t see a difference in the browser):


It has been suggested to me to use an app called HDRview and I must admit it does the job well but I cannot find it in the repositories or in the Snap store or even on Flathub. Most ppl like myself probably haven’t event heard about that app because of that even tho it was available to install from source on Linux for quite a few years already.

This app seems to be a gem and should be made easily available imo. This is why I’d like to suggest for someone to snap this app if it pleases him/her.


VirtualBox . the version in 16.04 is getting ooooooooooooold


RX pixel editor



Chiaki is a free and open source software client for PlayStation 4 remote play for Linux.

Everything necessary for a full streaming session, including the initial registration and wakeup of the console, is supported. The following features however are yet to be implemented:

  • Congestion Control
  • H264 Error Concealment (FEC and active error recovery however are implemented)
  • Touchpad support (Triggering the Touchpad Button is currently possible by pressing T on the keyboard)
  • Rumble
  • Configurable Keybindings
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RingCentral, something my work uses which was formerly a thorn in my side, now seems to be venturing into supporting Linux! They’re doing the old fashioned package for every distro under the sun, just thought there might be opportunity there to get a new business partner on board with the new packaging paradigm.

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Any news about Green with Envy as a Snap

You could try to contact them through

There is a live chat to talk to them about considering a Snap package, i suppose explaining why it would be more optimal rather than doing individual packaging for several distros.

GNS3 would be a good addition

KakaoTalk PC messaging app

It would be a great addition! It is hard to install by itself and would be an amazing candidate to show how great snaps are


Request: firefox-trunk (nightly)

I’m grateful for the official firefox snap. But I’d really appreciate also having a (separately installable) firefox-trunk (nightly) snap. Any chance of getting one?

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Request: virt-manager and/or aqemu

EDIT: I realize that virt-manager as a snap may be a difficult ask. For me, an official thunderbird snap and an official firefox-trunk snap would be higher priorities. But virt-manager and/or aqemu would be nice too. :slight_smile:

Request: thunderbird (official)

I’m grateful for the unofficial thunderbird snap (which includes a latest/edge channel) that’s maintained by Ken VanDine. But given the potentially sensitive nature of email data, I’d greatly appreciate having an official thunderbird snap (also including a latest/edge channel) that’s maintained by Canonical. Any chance of getting one?


NetworkManager including VPN. VPN is very important for IoT gateways.

A minor request for the MJML standalone app

Great tool for web developers wanting to make emails templates, I currently use the vs code plugin, but the standalone app has some practical benefits.

I wish to request the mattermost server as a snap. I see there already exist snaps for the mattermost client (mattermost-desktop), and the mattermost bridge (matterbridge). But how about the server itself?

I would like to see MPC-HC get a snap(it’s windows only but it’s open source).
It’s the best media player I know, and couldn’t find anything that even comes close to it.

This might be a dumb query, but why exactly there is no snap of Chrome?? The most popular web browser and the only one to watch Netflix OOTB. It still requires terminal to install Chrome on Ubuntu…

I came across this one the other day when I was trying to use Pandoc and found out the version in the Ubuntu repos is pretty outdated. It’d be very nice to have a snap version.