Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!


I would love to have in the snap format:

  • OpenCV;
  • Java (JRE);
  • Sikuli / Sikulix;
  • Python;
  • HPLip;
  • Timeshift.


Would be nice to have Anbox as a Snap. It’d be so cool if we can have containerized Android apps as Snaps, too.




gcolor3 or gcolor2 please.
there is no good color picker right now in snap store.
Also gcolor2 is not in ubuntu repository.


Unreal Engine 4
Unity Engine Vapor
Autodesk Maya
Armadura 3D


You may like, although that depends on what your criteria are for a colour picker being good. :slight_smile:


nice i will try this, i was looking for color picker few days back and found few but none was promising the abilitues like gcolor3 and gcolor2.


Since i386 will be totally dropped in 19.10, having Steam in the Snap store is now more essential because of the 32-bit libraries that might be needed to run some games/



First of all, congratulations for the excellent work.

I’d like to suggest some apps:
OpenMediaVault client
Exact Audio Copy


Master PDF Editor


Hello, As a AMD user I will love to have Radeon Profile available as a snap. Because we use the open source driver, we don’t have a GUI to work with.

Thank you and have a great day!


There are some apps available in lone debs or lone bins that are nice enough to be snapped:

  • Typora (Best markdown editor ever) [–classic would be nice here]
  • Waterfox (I miss old firefox)
  • Foxit Reader (yes, the linux version exists)
  • Palemoon (I really miss old firefox)
  • Pcloud (Cloud storage service)
  • Megasync (Cloud storage service)
  • Antimicro (excellent alternative to configure joysticks not available in the repos anymore)


Currently working on it. Haven’t tried it yet on a GTK-based desktop (i.e. my laptop with Unity), but it looks old on my Plasma so far.

P.S. This is my first time, and I’m also snapping Elisa.


Just found out that Pale Moon doesn’t like containerization and forbids people from releasing Pale Moon in every containerized format if we wanna use its branding.

Hopefully Waterfox will be more lenient. I just started it today & I just got it to work. Only checked to see if it’ll run, and at least the theming works on Plasma.


I love Typora and have been using it for quite a while now. It is closed source, and I think will eventually be a commercial product. Check out this thread: I’m willing to bet this means it’s not likely going to ever be a snap.

People mentioned as an alternative, but I haven’t tried it yet.


Antimicro ! Oh yes please.


Kodi has been in the making since 2017? I hope it’s snappaple though.


Would love to have Yworks yed


I would love to have:


Qbittorrent please