Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!


A snap from SuiteCRM would be great


gstreamer content snap :slight_smile:


I discover these are the software I more frequently use in my daily life that are not yet snapped

Also in the past, when it was compatible with ubuntu libraries, I usually used

but I already mentioned it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s impressive to see how many apps I use in my daily life that were already snapped! great work guys! :muscle::+1:


Pretty sure there was a Snap for it, but it’s no longer there


need a good color picker app in snap store.
yesterday i was in need of color picker app in ubuntu 19.04 i opened software app and found nothing reliable.
gcolor2 is missing in repo of 19.04, and gcolor3 is also not present there. while if you see flathub there is gcolor3 flatpak present. please snap gcolor3