Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!

Pi Hole - there is a partially finished snap in progress here:


A matrix client, like Nheko & Riot

Hi snapcrafters,

I’m happy to package the Anki as snap from my personal branch ( and already had a beginning with upstream (

I’ll publish the anki-woodrow on public and hopefully it can be useful for someone.

I’d love to see the package for hexyl:

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I wonder if we should make a table and make it wiki, and let everyone add their desired entries instead.

The thread has grown too long without control…?

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Dust3D is a cross-platform open-source modeling software. It helps you create a 3D watertight model in seconds. Use it to speed up your character modeling in game making, 3D printing, and so on.

GNOME Boxes can replace VirtualBox (at least for basic work)
Someone is already working on it but its incomplete

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Nice to hear about the progress! :slight_smile:

gphoto2 command line client

Edit: I completed this one.

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Code::Blocks IDE (available on flathub) Colobot (available on flathub) Numpty Physics (available on flathub) :tada::tada::tada:

Wix toolset Wine snap!!! This would be very useful for generating Windows installers for cross platform software.

  • A gui app to define the network properties.
  • A gui app app to define wifi for a headless device, obviously for targetet devices such as the rpi.

Would make prototyping a real iot product with Ubuntu Core much more realistic.


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I’m surprised Shotwell isn’t in the Snapstore yet, since it’s much more superior compared to Eye of GNOME.

I want to see IPv6 support! It’s 2019!!!

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Yorg (Yorg’s an Open Racing Game) is a free open source racing game developed by Ya2 using Panda3D for Windows, OSX and Linux.

Here you go:

name: hexyl

base: core18 

version: '0.4.0'

summary: A command-line hex viewer

description: |
  hexyl is a simple hex viewer for the terminal. It uses a colored output to distinguish different categories of bytes (NULL bytes, printable ASCII characters, ASCII whitespace characters, other ASCII characters and non-ASCII).

license: Apache-2.0

grade: stable
confinement: strict

    command: bin/hexyl

    plugin: rust
      - rustc

Is there a way to grant read-only access to all the files on the system?


There is the personal-files and system-files interface. There is also the obvious home interface.

This reminds me, there was the idea to allow snap command, invoked with a file name, would allow the snap launcher to rewrite the path with one that is exposed inside the sandbox. As a simple ad-hoc example:

Assuming that vim is a snap: vim /custom/file.txt might be translated to vim /run/snapd/exported/custom/file.txt, we could use the document portal for this, for example. This might solve the limited use-case of opening a file by path (and not being interested in seeing the whole directory tree)

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Great work! Do you mind I steal and then publish a snap out of it? That’s on my list for a while but I haven’t got the time to do it.


Don’t mind at all. It would be cool to see it in the snap store!

The snap probably needs classic confinement.

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Hi all,

I’ve published Anki snap as unofficial version which was authorized by maintainer.

Now Anki snap can be installed by
snap install anki-woodrow --edge

Thanks all who support me.