Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!


Pi Hole - there is a partially finished snap in progress here:


A matrix client, like Nheko & Riot


Hi snapcrafters,

I’m happy to package the Anki as snap from my personal branch ( and already had a beginning with upstream (

I’ll publish the anki-woodrow on public and hopefully it can be useful for someone.


I’d love to see the package for hexyl:


I wonder if we should make a table and make it wiki, and let everyone add their desired entries instead.

The thread has grown too long without control…?


Dust3D is a cross-platform open-source modeling software. It helps you create a 3D watertight model in seconds. Use it to speed up your character modeling in game making, 3D printing, and so on.


GNOME Boxes can replace VirtualBox (at least for basic work)
Someone is already working on it but its incomplete


Nice to hear about the progress! :slight_smile:


gphoto2 command line client