Snap reference

Our Reference section is for when you need to know which options can be used, what functions the API supports, which environment variables can be accessed and the contents of gadget.yaml .

Reference How Snap works
Assertions Digitally signed snap configuration and authentication
Environment variables Internal values accessible to snapped applications
snapd REST API Provides access to snapd’s state and many of its key functions

This is a confusing page as the links in the left-side navigation menu seem to be competing with the links on the page itself, with some overlap. A reader might wonder about the reason for this organization.

Yeah, you’re right. Two of those links were also to outside of the Reference category (which I’ve now changed, and I’ll check the other categories too). The purpose of these pages is primarily to have a landing page for the Diátaxis structure components, which also enables us to link to what will be an unfolded set of docs in the navigation.