Shutdown permission Request for rackety-nuc-script

Hello, we need permission to use the plug “shutdown” within our private snap “rackety-nuc-script”.

Our application goes embedded into a raspberry pi and needs control on the shutdown because if anything is failing within the raspberry, we need our python script to be autonomous and restart the system to bring everything back up.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @alemosa

Would you mind helping explain what the snap does? It would be then easy for us to then review the given request


Hi 0xnishit,

Our company is focused in installing cameras in tennis and padel courts. The snap runs a python script in a raspberry pi, that takes care of connecting to our backend and gets the requests to start live streaming and recording games. When the game ends, it takes care of uploading the recording to our cdn. That is basically what it does.

You chan check more at to understand what our company does!

Thank you in advance.

Hey @alemosa,

Do you think that manual connection (rather than auto-connection) will suffice your use case?


Hey sorry for the late response. Yes, I think manual connection would be more than enough.


given the functionality described and that only manual connection is required, +1 from me pending vetting as well.

In case manual connection i’ll be certainly happy to support this request, thus +1 from me.

However, shutdown interface is now super-privileged and publisher vetting is required before granting this interface. Usually it means verifying the relationship between the snap publisher and the upstream repository. In this case it might be a bit tricky as if I’m right the upstream repository is private.

Let me discuss with the other reviewers how should we handle the vetting here and I’ll be back to you.