Request for new "extended" track for "hugo" snap

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Hugo v0.43 introduces SCSS support by embedding the LibSass C library. Anticipating that some users might not like the non-pure Go hugo binary, Hugo Project Lead @bep decides to make two editions available:

  • hugo: Pure Go without LibSass
  • hugo-extended: linked with LibSass

We would like to have the “hugo-extended” snap provides the hugo command. Could you please create an automatic alias for us, from hugo-extended to hugo? It would be similar to the result of a manual alias created by snap alias hugo-extended hugo

Could you please create a new track called “extended” for us?

Many thanks for your help!


is there a reason you’re including both in a single snap, instead of snapping hugo_extended in a hugo-extended snap?


@chipaca Great point! And it turns out that Hugo’s Lead @bep agrees with you.
See the full discussion at if you are interested.

I then went ahead and created a new hugo-extended snap, and made my initial upload to the edge channel, and have also modified this auto-alias request accordingly. So, now, the request is for the hugo-extended snap to provide the hugo automatic alias as in /snap/bin/hugo.

Thanks again!

hmm, reading that issue, wouldn’t it make more sense to have a single hugo snap, with an extended track?


/me bewildered

Cool! This is news to me—I didn’t know tracks existed! Time for some reading and learning. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

@chipaca, In that case, may I request a “extended” track for the hugo snap? Many thanks!


In principle this seems to fit the use case for tracks:

snap install hugo <- non-libSass version
snap install hugo --channel=extended  <- libSass version

Just be aware that you will need to publish the corresponding binaries to the matching track, otherwise people tracking extended will not receive updates.

Also, each track has its own independent set of risks (stable, candidate, beta, edge), so this also works:

snap install hugo --channel=extended/beta

I’m +1 to giving a track for Hugo to maintain this extended version “in parallel” with the traditional one.

Per the process, there’s a voting period, at the end of which we’ll look at the votes from reviewers (mine included) and act on the track request. Thanks for your patience!

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@reviewers, could we please get a few eyes/votes on this request? the waiting period is almost over and there’s only one explicit +1 vote.


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+1 from me as well, this is a good usage of tracks.

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@anthonyfok We received +2 votes from reviewers, so I’ve created the extended track for hugo. It’s now available for you to use.


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@roadmr and @noise, Thanks a million for your help! We’ll put it to use ASAP.