Request auto-connect removable-media for typora

Typora is a popular Markdown reading/writing app with ability to import/export many other formats. Several users have requested auto-connect and I would like to make it easy for others needing to access documentation and notes on mounted drives.

Hey @predr, apologize for the delay.

Since snaps with this interface connected have unrestricted access to all data from any plugged media, could you please clarify the typora snap release process? From your snap description I see:

Typora is commercial software (not open source), but is free during beta



…clarify the typora snap release process…

I am not the author of the software, however I am talking with the author to transfer snap to them at some point. This is my understanding and if you need further clarification I would need to contact them to get it.

Typora is commercial software (not open source), but is free during beta

Typora is currently free of charge with plans to be commercially paid software in the future. Source code is not released but by nature of being an Electron app it is inspectable. I don’t know how or when they intend to commercialize or will that prevent future snap releases.

Consider presenting the user a custom dialog if the desired interface is not connected.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I do use interface checks in some wrapper scripts and prefer it that way instead of dialogs.

for interface in home removable-media; do
    if ! snapctl is-connected $interface; then
        echo "[Snap]: Interface $interface is disconnected"

Additional thoughts: Text editors get classic confinement so they can access all text files on the system. This app is a specialized text editor. If a Markdown file on network/usb doesn’t work in this app and it works in, for example Sublime Text, users will probably use Sublime and not bother with permissions. Granting this request will level the playing field to other generalized text editors.

Thanks for the information provided. I asked since I was wondering if during beta releases, the snap keeps meeting the maturity/quality criteria to grant such auto-connection. Also, even though you are not the author, are you an upstream maintainer of this app? You might know that even though this request could fall under the media editors supported category, still needs to meet :

  • the application itself is a mature, well-known application
  • the snap’s (vetted) publisher is a mature, well-known entity
  • the snap’s (vetted) publisher is the upstream of the software
  • if the snap is published by someone other than upstream, the publisher must be vetted and either be an established committer to the upstream or the wider snap ecosystem (eg, an established well-known contributor to the software itself, a member of the snapcrafters group, etc)

Thus I am +1 for auto-connect removable-media to typora. Can other @reviewers please vote?

I was also thinking that if applicable, the snap could make use of different tracks to differentiate releases/needs (please see these New track(classic) request for the nano snap and Request for new "extended" track for "hugo" snap).

As the snap is not currently published by upstream or a vetted publisher, -1 from me for now for auto-connect of removable-media - however if the existing publisher can be vetted or it does get transferred to a vetted official upstream publisher then I would be happy to support auto-connect.

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Indeed, to clarify, I am +1 only if the above requirements are met.

@advocacy could you please help with vetting this publisher?

I pinged upstream, let’s see what they say.

@Igor If upstream is still interested in snap transfer, please create an account for them so I can make the transfer request. Then we could proceed and finalize this auto-connect request. That would be best course of actions, considering all sides.

[quote from upstream] you can add “typora” as owner when you are ready about this

@predr I don’t think we should create accounts in the name of others (upstream in this case). Could you ask them to do so and then we can take care of the snap transfer?

@Igor please correct me if I am wrong or there is an alternative path to move fw.


@emitorinoyou you got it right. @predr we do not create accounts for other people/companies, they should create it themselves, or they can email, and we can then help with the transfer. But it needs to be done by upstream themselves directly.

But it needs to be done by upstream themselves directly

@emitorino @Igor Sorry for the confusion. To clarify, I was asking for you to help upstream with account creation (and possibly verification) after you have made contact with them. I was under the impression that snap team does this to lower the entry bar for new developers.

OK. I’ll send them some snap docs and try to explain this whole thing to them.

Transfer is the easiest part.

@predr just wondering if you managed to get in contact with upstream and what the outcome of that was?

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@alexmurray Thanks for reminding me, I completely forgot about this. Sent the email just now.

Upstream created account and I have requested transfer: Transfer typora snap

Transfer completed, upstream is now the owner. Can we proceed with this request for auto-connect?

@Igor can you please vet the upstream publisher? Thanks.

+1 from me, I vetted the publisher.

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+1 from me too now with the verified publisher. +2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of removable-media for typora. This is now live.

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