NetBeans on Snapcraft

Hi there!

We made a long journey within Apache to release NetBeans 9.0. We are also worked to be able to distribute the IDE in for of a Snap package. Right now we are able to create a snap package inside of our Apache infrastructure. We need some guidance how can we publish that snap in the snap store.

We would like to have a publisher as Apache NetBeans.
We probably would like to have an edge and a 9.0 channel
We right now are doing a classic confinement package, due to several reasons.


Thank you for working on a Snap of NetBeans 9.0! :slight_smile:

It is possible to create a brand account and then add other accounts (individuals or CI bots) as collaborators. We’re refactoring our documentation at the moment, but here are the links relevant to creating developer accounts:

As for creating a “brand account” and then adding collaborators to it, I wrote a little primer for that process here:

We’re looking forward to working with you to promote the NetBeans Snap and something you can do to assist is to make the most of your store page, please see this blog post for some advice:

I think you mean you’d like a 9.0 track. You can learn more about tracks and channels here:

Here is the process for requesting a track:

This is almost certainly the correct confinement model, all IDEs are classic right now due to the need to execute arbitrary binaries on the host OS. You will need to request classic confinement and the process for doing that is here:


Hi Martin!

Thank you for the detailed answer on the forum.
I’m sorry answering late, I had a minor surgery.

Yes we would like to go with the brand account. Actually this is supposed to be the one, called Apache NetBeans (apache-netbeans), I’ve registered it with my apache e-mail. Do I need to do something to be this a brand account?
I tried to register netbeans from snapcraft cli as in the tutorial, but it failed.

Do you need additional info from us?

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