Creating snap store brand accounts


For larger projects and ISVs it is often a requirement to publish snaps using a brand account. Here is an overview of how to create a brand account and define collaborators.

Registering accounts

What we recommend is this:

  • Create an umbrella/brand account using the project name or name of the legal entity publishing the software.
  • Team members who have release management duties should register personal accounts.

Registering Snaps

Snaps can be registered using the snapcraft tool or via the web. Snaps should be registered using the brand/umbrella account.

Registering snaps with Snapcraft

  • Install snapcraft using snap install snapcraft --classic on Linux or brew install snapcraft on macOS.
  • Execute snapcraft login and authenticate using the brand/umbrella account.
  • Once authenticated register the snap name(s) with snapcraft register yoursnapname.

Registering snaps via the web


When you’ve registered snap(s) using a brand/umbrella account team members personal accounts should then be added as collaborators to the umbrella/brand account via the Dashboard for your snap. For example

Collaborators can now push and release snaps using their personal accounts.

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