Publishing a snap that's been contributed to your project

Once you have a snap, there’s a few steps required to get that snap in the hands of users.

Create store account

It is possible to create a brand account and then add other accounts (individuals or CI bots) as collaborators. We’re refactoring our documentation at the moment, but here are the links relevant to creating developer accounts:

As for creating a “brand account” and then adding collaborators to it, there’s a little primer for that process here:

Building your snap

Whether you use Linux, Mac, or Windows for your development environment, you can create snaps of your app provided it is able to natively run on Linux.

Register your snap

Now that you’ve created a developer account on the Snap Store and built your snap you can register a name for your app.

Releasing your snap

Now that you’ve registered a name for your app in the Snap Store you can upload the snap that you have built.

Automating build and release

There are several options available for automating the build and publish pipeline.

Making a compelling store page

We’ve found users are attracted to applications which have a compelling store page. The following blog post gives some tips on making the store page look great.