Manual review of plasma-core22-desktop base snap

I’d like to request the use of type: base for the plasma-core22-desktop base snap on the store, which is currently held up by manual review.

Some information about the snap:

  1. The snap name is registered by the KDE account.
  2. The snap source is managed at, which is a fork of It extends core22-desktop with packages to enable a KDE Plasma session.
  3. The snap is not intended for wide use by many snaps: it is intended to be used as the boot base snap for a KDE Neon based Ubuntu Core variant, together with a couple of related snaps where it is important that they be in sync with the root file system.

Thanks in advance.


hi @kottens,

For this one, would you be able to provide a list of snaps that intend to use this base so that we can go ahead and update our overrides. Thanks!

Yes, this would only be the plasma-desktop-session and the pc-plasma-desktop gadget snap. They both have their own manual requests as well.

I have made some updates to our overrides which will handle the review of this snap in future. This snap base is now live.

Thanks! I confirm it can be downloaded from the store now.

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@cav There is something odd though, the new builds keep being rejected by the automated review with the exact same errors than before. I didn’t need to upload new revisions of pc-plasma-desktop but I’d expect it’d behave the same then.

Any idea what’s going on?

hi @kottens, the overrides I mentioned previously have been merged into review-tools but the version that runs on the snap store doesn’t have the new changes until a new release is made. I will work on getting a release out in the next few days!