Feature request: Interface that allows generic raw partition access

There is the block-devices interface, but it doesn’t cover disk partition nodes.

There is the raw-volume interface, but it only functions on gadget snaps instead of the core snap (only usable on Ubuntu Core systems).

Some applications require access to raw partitions for:

  • Initialize a file system (mkfs.*)
  • Install a volume boot record(VBR) for certain file systems (FAT/NTFS/…)
  • Encrypt a file system (Veracrypt/…)
  • Create/restore disk image (dd)
  • Create block level or filesystem level backups (Fsarchiver/CloneZilla)

Please implement/extend an interface so that one can use it for raw partition access, thanks!


here is some example magic that utilizes a combo of the udisks2 and block-devices interfaces for disk manipulation:

i believe a lot of the above requested bits can be done through the udisks interface …

That is indeed inspiring, however, it doesn’t cover existing applications that make use of traditional access.

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